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Zipped or Unzipped?

Motivation Monday!

I often hear people say all the time

“We only live once”

They are largely misinformed with this mentality

We only die once.

We live everyday until that moment comes one day

I was told that If I didn’t do something about this weight, I wouldn’t make it to my 50’s

I took pride in that I wasn’t an emotional person. I rarely cried, ever. But there was one place I cried, every time I went.

A dressing room.

Every single time. I hated being out of breath trying on the largest shirt or pants that once again wouldn’t fit.

I wasn’t living. I was just existing.

I didn’t want to exist anymore.

I knew I had a story to tell, a journey to embark on, memories to have and lives to chance but in order to change or inspire lives, I had to change myself. I had to inspire myself. In order to accept love from others, I had to see what they saw

How can I slay if I feel too tired to even breath sometimes?


It doesn’t matter if you have 10 pounds, 100 pounds or 300 pounds to lose, nothing will happen if you don’t make any changes right now, today.

Some of us are concerned about the opinions of others. “Should I tell people I had the surgery? Should I keep it to myself?”

This is your life, your story to tell, when you are ready to tell it and only if and WHEN you are ready to tell it.

I chose to share my story for the world to read. I knew I wasn’t alone in my experiences and I had wished I knew about them ahead of time so I could have been prepared. But there’s a reason for everything. I wrote it all down so that one day I could help others if they were goin through it. I’m not ashamed of how I ended up prior because it made me who I am today and I am very grateful for this journey this far.

I chose the book to be titled “Unzipped” because it had a double meaning. One, we are unzipping our old self and embracing our new one. And two, when we unzip, it’s to do something intimate, private or vulnerable. I wanted to be as raw and honest as possible with my journey and experiences.

I don’t have time to cry much anymore because I’m too busy living.

When you are tired of sipping, think about how you are goin to live while you sip, what goals you are going to accomplish, how you want your legacy to be.

When you are stressed about the surgery, think about how you are going to live when ur eyes open, the attitude you will have, the commitment you are making to yourself and yourself alone.

When you are at a stall, think about how much you have lived this far with your weight loss, how much energy you have now, how far you have come and what you can do now that you haven’t been able to before.

Today is a new day. How are you going to live today?

Zipped or Unzipped?

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