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A Year’s Worth of NSV’s

I remember when I turned 30, I was a total shit show. I hated myself, I was having a 1/3 year crisis and everything was a mess. I thought then that when 40 came alone, It would be far worse and I would bury my head in the sand.

Last year I was living my best life, or at least what I thought was my best life. I was feeling good, I was inching closer to my goal weight again and we were taking control of shit finally and starting to live instead of existing.

I did’t realize that 40 was going to feel like my greatest overall year to date! I didn’t think it was possible to top some of the things I accomplished leading up to that point, but it’s amazing to find out what you are capable of when you just set out to put yourself out there and try new shit!

As I turn 41 in the next few days, I wanted to reflect on some of the things I didn’t think was possible as a reminder to myself that this is just the beginning of more Bad-Assery to follow.

And, more importantly to YOU, yes you reading this right now! You are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for!! I truly hope that you read this blog in this moment and it somehow inspires you to go out there and start seeing what your own mind and body is REALLY capable of!

I started a fitness journey this year and have since lost 32 lbs since Jan 1! Finally breaking the stall and it has led to some of my favorite single moments throughout the year!

Some of my favorite NSV’s in the last year!

Favorite clothing NSV's! Wearing shorts in public for the first time, wearing a single digit pant size for the first time, wearing a bathing suit in public for the first time and wearing a sports bra in public for the first time!

These were all extremely difficult and fearful because of the instant belief in judgement from an outsider, but I needed to do it for myself to get over the fear and learn to not care about what other people think of me and focus more on what I think of myself! Still a work in progress but hey we are doing it right?!

Favorite fitness NSV's!

I completed the 75 Hard which was probably the greatest accomplishment of my life and one of the hardest things I have ever continuously endured! I have since completed both phase 1 and 2 and I continue utilizing the program in my daily life today! I also started doing yoga and pushing myself to limits I didn't think my body was capable of. And finally, I have been going to the gym and swimming and working on my legs to strengthen them to eventually do a real unassisted squat and get better at dancing!

Favorite business NSV's!

We started doing more events for M.O.B.A. and spreading it out there locally and with every event we do, people are responding well and love what it represents. We have been approached by people who utilize the mindset in their every day lives and work hard on themselves to be the best version possible! That is probably the most rewarding part of the whole business is watching in real time, people who are being moved by it and kicking ass!

I also started a Bariatric podcast called "Unzipped with Sheri", where I get the chance to talk to so many amazing people from the community about their stories and journey through WLS. It's such an awesome feeling getting to do what you love where it just doesn't feel like it's work at all because you enjoy the process of it all and get to talk to so many amazing different people!

Favorite Activity NSV's!

These could probably go on for a while because every week I feel like I am doing things I never thought I would do before! Some of my favorites in the last year was hula hooping, doing a backbend, and doing my first adult cartwheel!!

Favorite confidence NSV!

At 40, I decided to work on ways to building self confidence and what better way than putting yourself out there and competing for the Maxim Cover Girl Contest of 2022? (You can read all about the experience in a prior blog) but this was one of the most rewarding experiences in confidence building! Still a ways to go but closer today than we def were yesterday!

Most recent NSV was taking my first ever pole dancing class! One of the scariest things I feel like I have done in a while but man was I so excited to get such an awesome picture to remind myself next year of possibly how far I have come!

NSV's don't just appear one day out of the blue. It happens when you make the single decision in any given moment to just try it and see what happens. Almost every single NSV was met with extreme hesitation, fear and self doubt talk. Sadly, it often took the encouragement of someone else for me to just try it but I am slowly getting better and just having the attitude to try it on my own and see what happens.

40 was an amazing year overall in terms of personal growth and reflection and I am actually kind of excited to see what the next year brings! The goals are getting bigger, the dreams are getting wider and the excitement of the potential is growing exponentially!

What are some of your favorite NSV's to date?? What NSV's are you working towards right now?!


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