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"Unzipped with Sheri" is my new weekly live show where I interview people in the Bariatric Community from all over! Streamed live on Facebook and YouTube where you can listen live and comment live with us your questions!

Episodes are live on Wednesdays at 12pm PST and you can watch old episodes as well! 

Click here to check it out!


Looking for fun and inspiring Bariatric Guests!

"Unzipped with Sheri" is ready to tell your story!  From the days of obesity, through the process of surgery and the road to a new you!  From setbacks to NSV's and everything in between!

Do you have a funny or interesting "Sleeve Peeve?"

What was your favorite NSV?

What was your mindset throughout?

What advice would you give?

There are so many topics, anecdotes and issues to address each week and more importantly, I want to highlight YOU and YOUR SUCCESS!


Be a Guest On the Show

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