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"If I could give this 10 stars I would. I meet Sheri almost 17 years ago and saw the beautiful person then. I love that she was able to see this in herself!! This book is so inspiring and relatable. I had bariatric surgery 12 years ago and I wish I could have read the book then. It is so helpful to have someone tell things so raw and unfiltered with this surgery. Sheri tells it like it is, no fluff, no frills. It is emotional and funny. It is like being on the journey with her as you read this book. I would recommend this to anyone at any stage of their own journey not just gastric patients. This will also be my gift to anyone I know that is beginning their own gastric/weight loss journey. I am buying a second copy for my brother from another mother, he is in the first years of his weight loss journey!! I LOVE THIS BOOK AND THE AUTHOR, SHE IS INCREDIBLE!!!💗 I CANT WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL!"    - Sabra Winters on AMAZON




"Sheri has had to overcome so much throughout her personal journey from family conflicts as a child to a life-changing procedure as an adult. Anyone and everyone can draw inspiration from her story. Everything, the good and the bad happen for a reason, sheri's story makes that clear. My best wishes to her and her future endeavors (I hope there will be a part II)"     - Jared on AMAZON

"I read this book and could not put it down. It is a raw and real description of what this woman experienced, going through the gastric sleeve surgery. I recommend as a "Must Read" for anyone who is thinking about having the surgery or for everyone who has gone through the surgery. It will give you tips on what to expect and/or tips on how to handle what develops after having the surgery. To have something that will validate what your feelings and reservations are before and after the decision is made is priceless. As a hypnotherapist, the biggest benefit is having a resource to show that you are not alone on this journey. Kudos to the author, Sheri Arcuria, for sharing her intimate, personal journey that will resonate with thousands of men and women either contemplating having the surgery or needing support after the surgery. I love this book!" - Teresa on AMAZON

"In addition to this being an interesting & inspirational story, there was a lot of good information in this book about recuperating after surgery, what sleeve surgery is like, and specifics of the ways life changes after surgery. Obviously she must have done journaling &/or has a good memory for details, because she remembers things that I had totally forgotten about WLS (and I had surgery only 8 months ago)! This book was an enjoyable read, and I'm sure I'll read it again periodically in an effort to stay inspired on my continuing weight loss journey." - Anonymous on AMAZON

"Unzipped is absolutely inspiring! Sheri’s story is moving and motivating. She shares her true experiences that gives readers an inside look at her personal ups and downs. This is a must read for people that are thinking about weight loss surgery and those recovering. Sheri shares experiences with meals and vitamins that are informative and you won’t get this kind of first hand info at any office. Great book Sheri!! Can’t wait for the next one."    -Heather on AMAZON

"Excellent read, I couldn't put it down!! A story of perseverance, endurance and fight to the finish. A Real life example of what is possible. Thank you for sharing your story and providing an example for others."   - Craig on AMAZON

"I loved this book. Great read. I finished the whole book in one night because I didnt want to put it down." - Megan  on AMAZON

""Such an inspiring and motivating book! I love how open she is about her experience; definitely worth reading."   - Jeanette on GOODREADS

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