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We've Entered a New Decade!

Okay, so I can't even fathom the idea that I haven't had a post since the beginning of August Last year! A lot has been going on so let's rewind a little bit shall we?

On August 18, a crazy thing happened.... I turned 40 years old! I swear I remember like it was yesterday playing until the street lights came on in the summer, care free and without much responsibility.

My teenage years were spent insecure, quiet, overweight, unhappy but hopeful the future would be better.

My Twenties were dealt unexpected blows, deep depression, uncertainty, running away from issues but a ton of soul searching and reflection.

When I was entering my 30's, I took it really hard. I was freaked out about turning 30, not accomplishing anything I had set out to, tipping the scales over 350lbs, lost, more insecurities and questioning everything about life. I freaked hard about the idea of turning 30 a failure to myself. The first few years of 30 proved that I was right in my fears. My health was at risk, the recession made me unemployable, utilities were being shut off, faced eviction monthly and was in a hole so deep, I didn't think I could ever come out of it.


It was in my 30's that I made changes, picked myself up, changed my mindset and decided to focus on one small task at a time, one goal at a time, creating new small manageable routines and most importantly, changed my mentality that I could overcome this. I could overcome anything. I can do better. I can BE better. I GOT THIS!

Second half of my 30's was life changing weight loss, NSV's, attempting goals only dreamed once, pushing myself a little further. Even when there were devastating blows during those years, I bounced back harder, stronger and more determined than ever. I told myself that nothing can break me, it may catch me off guard at times, but I can adapt and recover.

In my late 30's, I became a published author and now an owner of M.O.B.A. Apparel and spreading the mentality from the ground up and pushing outward to reach more people and help others' become the best version of themselves.

This time when I entered my newest decade, I wasn't freaked out. I wasn't stressed about my shortcomings, failed attempts and life or insecurities. This time, I pushed into the decade with a fury excited to see what this decade will bring.

I entered the decade with an 80's themed party with some friends and family with an NSV of dressing up like Jessica Rabbit.

So much has happened since August last year and I will save that for the next post, because well there is a lot and I didn't want to take away from the message today.

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason in life. There is a reason for the struggle. There is a reason for the tears. There is a reason for the hardships, sadness and weakness. Its a STARTING POINT. It's a place to rise up from, learn from and grow from.

If I knew what 40 was going to look like, I never would have been stressed about turning 30.

If I knew what 40 was going to look like, I never would have ran away from issues in my 20's.

If I knew what 40 was going to look like, I would have never been the shy loner kid in class wishing bigger.

My life would be different today had it not been from the struggles of yesterday.

My story inspired "Unzipped" to be written to now motivate and inspire others.

My story inspired M.O.B.A. to be created to now inspire the mindset of others.

Sometimes the rug is pulled out from underneath us but we have to take a moment and breath. Take in what is happening around you and figure out a way to adapt to the current changes so that you can push forward and flourish.

Today is the first day of the rest of your lives. Take ownership, put your focused head on the task and plow through it!

Embracing 40 and although I am in NO rush to get to 50, I am excited to see what journey lies with this decade of Bad-Assery!

To get a signed copy of Unzipped go to

To check out M.O.B.A. go to

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