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We are Maui. Maui is Me

We are Maui.  Maui is Me.

If you sit back and pay attention, you can see how each and every one of us is our own personal Maui.  Maui represents the oneness that embodies our soul.  Like Maui, there lies infectious beauty while having parts that can be run down and haggard.  If you spend your day filling yourself with garbage, clutter and shit, people will not want to visit and will only see the ghetto-ness you have surrounded yourself with.  However, if you maintain yourself like the luscious landscapes you dream of being, and take the time for yourself, people will take the time to admire.  A properly maintained landscape brings out this immaculate beauty when the sun cascades onto your skin.  

    The Maui sun represents our lives.  Sometimes it can burn you and leave you with pain and sometimes you glow amidst the rays of sunshine.  Sometimes our beauty is masked within the clouds that block our vision and darken the hour, but we often need the storm as it rejuvenates our lives and makes us appreciate the sun more than we ever have before.  And just when you have doubt as to the necessity of the rain, we are reminded that even with the tears we cry, like the rain from the sky, a rainbow is waiting to give us a spectrum of beauty we often forget to take notice to.

    The ocean represents our stress.  Like the ebbs and flows of the tides, our stress  levels dictate how we survive.  Sometimes we are the rocks, with the waves continuously crashing onto us, unable to grab a hold of sanity and we are left holding on for dear life, hoping the waves aren’t strong enough to break us from the foundation and retract us into an unknown abyss of solitude and darkness.  But just like the ocean, sometimes we are required to move a few yards to the side to where the the waters are so calm you can see the reflection of the stars above you.  Your breath is calming, your thoughts are clear and your being is so relaxed you can handle the small waves coming to you because you know that as soon as the water stress approaches you, it just as quickly retreats back.     I have not spend much time indoors this week.  I have spent most of my non sleeping time either walking around or just sitting here on the patio like I am now as I write this.  There have been moments, where the sun has been almost unbearable and moments later the sun reduces and a perfect breeze flows in.  The brighter the sun gets, the more color permeates in the flowers in front of me.  At times it starts to sprinkle and just as quickly as the rain came, it leaves.  

    As I sit here, I have been unable to find flaws with my surroundings, and I am sure that they exist, but I have been so blinded by this dream-like serenity that I haven’t been able to see the troubles I have faced leading up to this exact moment.  

    When I come home, I know it will be hard to see Canyon Country the way that I see Maui, but I can assure you that I will continue to see the Maui in myself, regardless of where I stand or what place I am at.  I know I have my physical flaws, but I will let the sun shine on the good parts so people will take notice.  I know I have emotional flaws, but I will remember that it is okay to sometimes let the rain fall so I can appreciate the rainbow that I know will come.  

Hi, my name is Maui.  What’s your name?

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