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Take your Quarantine as an Opportunity

The world is scared right now.

We are unsure of what is happening around us and with constant editorial reporting around us, we often find ourselves fighting over the truth, or what we think is the truth and we are creating more divides than ever.

This post will not go into my opinions of what is happening, because like you, I don't know what is happening but what I do know and am seeing daily is that people are scared, their anxieties are sky rocketing and we are in a state of panic.


What do I mean by that?

If you are one of the ones hoarding all supplies that is more than an average household needs, you are part of the problem

If you are overbuying and then trying to make a profit off those who are desperate, you are part of the problem

If you are sharing stories without proper investigation as to its legitimacy, you are part of the problem

If you are screaming at the poor cashier behind the counter because there is no toilet paper, you are part of the problem

If you are blaming everyone else for this and not offering solutions or your help in fixing from within, you are part of the problem.

Right now we are in the midst of a worldwide problem, choose to be a part of the solution, Do not feed into the hysteria. There are things we can do to help one another.

Life is meant to be shared, not hoarded

When you are at the stores and you can't find what you need, do not yell at the workers there, they have no control and they are working overtime to try and meet an overnight demand that came out of nowhere. They are stressed to the max, their patience is tested, they are not sleeping because they are worried about their loved ones and how they are going to survive the day.

Many of us have found ourselves out of work overnight, or forced to work from homes and forced to take on a new career of teacher with no word on how long. Some of us are so used to be productive, outside and about and find ourselves forced into our homes and bouncing off the walls. I'm included.

Social norms and daily norms have come to a screeching halt, some people need social interaction, some are born hermits, but we as the human race have to learn to adapt to changes in order to survive.

I am not an expert on any of this but what I do know is that fear will not help the greater good and so I thought maybe I can offer some suggestions on what people can do during this forced downtime and removal out outdoor routines.

* Pick up the phone and call someone. We live in a technology world of social media and text messaging. Pass the time by calling a friend or family member and have an old fashioned conversation. Ask questions about each other that you never knew about. Tell stories of your adventures together, interview them with interesting questions. Rebuild human voice interaction. It's become such a rarity these days

* For your favorite restaurants, bars, massage places, people who perform beauty services, etc., go on yelp and start leaving reviews. Help promote their businesses and their presence so when everything is lifted, we can flourish and help them become even more successful than they were before.

* Read a book. There are so many avenues right now for reading and so many amazing authors our there hoping to have their stories heard. Some of us have a lot more time on our hands so pick up a book, audiobook or kindle and start reading.

* Watch one of your favorite movies as kid and allow your mind to go back to a simpler time for a bit. We are so consumed with fear and uncertainty that it's consuming our livelihoods and our well being. I'm not saying pretend what's happening is not, but it's okay to allow your mind to escape for a while. We do it all the time at the movies or other ventures and there is something about watching a movie from your childhood that brings a flood of happy memories, simpler times and feeling fearless

* Make a list of all the things you want to do right now but can't. Make it a renewed updated bucket list of things we have taken for granted. Simplistic things like going to the park. I say all the time it would be fun to just hang out at the park or the beach for the day and just enjoy but something as simple and free as that is temporarily not a reality. We have lived such busy lives and got caught up in the complexities of life that we forgot about taking time for ourselves to recharge and appreciate the smaller things. Before we know it, things will be open and let's remember all those things we can't do now and can again, seize the day and start living your best life.

* Go on Pinterest and make a new recipe. I was not much of a cook before I had my surgery and found myself not being able to eat junk anymore and so I turned to Pinterest and it saved me. There is an overabundance of ideas, from elaborate to basic and inexpensive. Use this time to tap into learning other skills that will only help you in the long run.

These are just suggestions and I would love to hear about things you have come up with or are doing that's positive.

We cannot control everything that is happening around us right now but what we CAN do is change our mindset on how we will let this affect us. Choose how this will define us, how we will treat the relationships around us and how we will utilize our time.

You are not alone right now. We are all in this together and as one person, we might not be able to save the world, but we can inspire others to want to at least try as well.

The only guaranteed thing in life is change. It's time to adapt once again. We will not falter or break. Together we are strong and united worldwide.

Please stay safe.

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