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It's Just a Moment

Sometimes we hit a stall That’s okay Sometimes we gain a couple pounds That’s okay Sometimes we are frustrated with ourselves That’s okay Sometimes we are really hard on ourselves That’s okay

The important thing is to recognize it as merely a moment in time. We have the option of giving it and letting the moment defeat us...


We recognize it was a negative moment and choose how the next moment will play out.

It's not about having an "all or nothing" mentality. Life is not all or nothing. There are so many ever-changing variables at any given time. We have to learn to be adaptable, recognize change as it happens and embrace it and alter ourselves to mold with the changes.

We are human. We make mistakes and we can falter at times. Always remind yourself how far you have come and how much you have done. That success prior to some regain or stall was made up of LOTS of small moments not just one good moment.

Today is made up of new moments, what kind of moments do you want today?!

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