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Catch-22 (What ever happened to 1-21 ??)

I can’t get the job, if I don’t the experience and I can’t get the experience if I don’t have a job

In order for the knee to heal I have to exercise, but in order to exercise I need the knees to work hard

In order to own a business I need money and In order to get money, I need to own the business

In order to lower the blood pressure I need to stress less but knowing about the blood pressure I am stressing more

These are just a few catch 22’s that apply to me at the moment and some of you might even be experiencing them yourselves.  I didn’t think I was going to blog so quick after yesterday but after reading the comments, it made me this of all this.

Just to clarify, I do not enjoy tv dinners and mac n cheese.  I buy them because they are dirt cheap.  the tv dinners were 69 cents a piece on sale at Ralphs and the mac n cheese was a buck a piece.  Since I was laid off, I was lucky enough to get unemployment and since it was less than half of what my normal salary was, we knew we would be cutting corners, but at the time, we could still go to Trader Joe’s and get healthy Chicken Gorgonzola (320 cals per chicken breast), lots of veggies and fruits and healthy eating.  Well I found out a week and a half ago that Congress hasn’t acted when they were supposed to and as a result, the hundreds of thousands of people on unemployment will not be getting extentions.  Which means I am done for.  I will receive my last check for one week in the next couple of days and my income will be completely nothing.

I truly believe that the blood pressure is a direct result of the stress that I have been under in the last week and a half alone, not to mention the last 6 months.  It is true that I am overweight, I don’t drink enough water and I am a smoker, but the smoking has been there almost 10 years and the weight my whole life.  I am not making excuses for I know that they attribute to it, but I have never had this problem before.  What angers me is the doctor looks at me and says I need to diet and exercise.

I love salads.  I love chicken breasts.  I love vinegarettes.  I love veggies and fruits and protein.  I would love to eat them every day.  I would love to eat healthy every day, but it costs money.  I have made Trader Joe’s a science when I would go and I could spend 86 dollars for Erick and I to have breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for a week.  not too shabby considering one meal at a fast food chain would run us almost $20.  I would shop every sunday if I could and do that.  I spent $40 yesterday at the market and got tv dinners, mac n cheese, milk, frozen burritos, taquitos and other hydrogenated shit.  I hate eating this shit but I am making do in my quest for survival.  I know that sounds dramatic and stuff and I am not comparing myself to the man vs. wild dude, but for me, this is all I can afford.  In the meantime, its loaded with sodium which will make things worse, but I don’t know what other options I can have.

The theme to tonights blog as you can see was initially catch-22’s.  I want to throw the mic out to you guys and see what your catch-22’s are right now in your lives.  Maybe having an open forum can bring a plethora of ideas and help each other out in our own catch-22 and finally find some positive resolution.

Have a great night you guys!

Random Thoughts….. what’s your thought today?

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