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All about the 3’s…3 weeks, 3 meals….31 pounds!!!!

Well this is the first week where I really feel like I am feeling myself again.  There are still a lot of road bumps here and there and minor set backs at times, but I am able to move around fine, I can pick up something off the floor and I can put my shoes on myself (YAY!)

Had my first post op appointment with the doctor earlier this week and he said that everything is healing great and that I was off to stage 3 which is FULL liquids.  Full liquids are soups, yogurt, pudding, and milks.  He said that it was okay to go swimming which I haven’t done yet, but looking forward to finding a heated pool soon!

The hardest part of this week is getting in the protein and enough water.  The good news is that I am no longer measuring out water as I can gauge it myself from the bottle.  The bad news is that after 3 weeks, protein drinks have been making me sick to even taste it.  I have been living on Isopure this whole time and now every time I take an ounce, I almost throw up.  I bought an unflavored whey protein from GNC and it was DISGUSTING!  I also tried some muscle milk (which was okay in the beginning but now making me sick) and as a result, I haven’t been getting NEAR where I should be with protein intake.  I ordered something called UNJURY which Gastric sleevers supposedly swear by it, and so fingers crossed that its good.

The other setback is I would often get this weird tasting sensation down in my throat, almost metallic like and it can be quite uncomfortable.  I learned that this is normal and can last for up to 2 months. Not pleasant.

All in all, with my ups and downs, this is the first week where I haven’t questioned my decision as much.  Of course I would just love to take a huge bite out of some amazing food, but having soups has curved that a little bit which is great and watching the scale turn up 31 pounds lighter is AMAZING!

And now, What I learned this week….

  1. Popsicles are the most amazing thing in the world!!  It moistens the mouth and makes you feel like you are eating something refreshing.

  2. Sneezing can feel like you burst every stitch and staple and your insides become quite painful

  3. Soup is now more amazing than popsicles!

  4. Fat Free Sugar Free is surprisingly amazing when you have been on liquids for 2 1/2 weeks

  5. Constipation is a pain in the ass (HA!) and hemmeroids are a bitch.

  6. You don’t realize how quickly pain subsides and how fastly mobile you become when there is an emergency such as your man slicing his finger deep with a can of refried beans

  7. It’s an amazing feeling when you get an outpouring of support from friends and family and you wonder why you doubted wanting to tell people to begin with.

  8. Food is still craved but you begin to realize that even if you were allowed to have it right this second, you would be full after one bite.  The next phases will be teaching me to eat one small bite at a time and listening to my head instead of my stomach.

  9. I love Lamp

  10. I am Batman

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