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Happy SaturSLAY

Happy SaturSLAY!

Some days it’s easy. Some days it’s not

Some days you cry from withdrawal. Some days you cry from happiness.

Some days you are tired. Most days you are excited.

Some days you feel broken. Most days you feel empowered and renewed.

This is not meant to be easy. There will be haters that tell you you took the easy way out. As you all know, this was the hardest thing you endured and for some of us, it was our only option and last resort.

This is about YOU! YOUR journey. Not for anyone else.

On those down days, focus on the big picture!

Focus on that single digit pant size

Focus on that airline seat having room when you sit

Focus on that Halloween costume you want to wear next year

Focus on those blood tests showing everything is normalized

Focus on that towel wrapping around your waist

Focus on your shows being tied in the middle

Focus on those legs crossing

Focus on that mud run you want to do

Focus on your energy running around with your kids instead of just watching them play

Focus on your goals and dreams.

This is your time to shine!

5 years ago my life changed in that operating room.

5 years later, I get to help others in their journey by sharing my story and book with the world.

Happy Saturday Slayers!

What are YOU going to focus on today??

To get a signed copy of “Unzipped,” click below:

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