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Why would you have surgery for weightloss?

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

There is a stigma with obesity yet when you do something about it, people critique it if it's different then what they would do, are currently doin, or have done before. Some of us used surgery as a last resort after trying all those things and people still tend to have something negative to say. Luckily for me I have an amazing support system now since I have severed out the toxicity in my life. Sadly, for countless others, I am seeing daily posts and messages about others who have been asked these very same questions so it's time to flip the script and have some responses ready to fire back!

A message for those who provide negative feedback to you along your journey...

“Why would you do this? You are giving up food”

You are no longer letting food hold you hostage. You are still enjoying your favorite foods. It’s just recognizing that the first bite tastes exactly like the last bite and you don’t need as much to be satisfied anymore.

“You are cheating.”

Yes you are cheating death. You are cheating health issues. You are cheating on food with health and well-being.

“Don’t lose anymore, you are too skinny now”

That’s okay if my body doesn’t fit the ideal of how your want your body to look for yourself. I like my reflection and that’s the only opinion I choose to invest my energy into.“

"Now that you are smaller, everything is good and fixed.”

Part of the weight loss process is working on your emotional health. Figuring out why you used food to cope, why your old habits developed. How you view yourself. In order to have long time success, you have to rectify those feelings and emotions so history doesn’t repeat itself.

“Do it the right way. Just put the fork down and go for a walk.”

I’m glad that what you are doing works for you. It doesn’t always work for everyone. Our bodies are different. Genetics are different, abilities are different. There is no right way that works for everyone. You have to do what’s right for you and what works for you.

Importantly, Don’t let others bring you down. It’s not their job to live your life for you. Do what is best for you in your heart to love the person staring back at you! The time is now to focus on your thoughts on yourselves, tune out the outside. Everyone will always have an opinion on how you should live your life. Sometimes I feel those most opinionated are mainly reflecting off themselves as a decoy to not deal with their own issues. Everyone is a critic at some point. Just like a movie critique, its just an opinion. They might hate it and it could be your favorite movie of all time.

You got this! Keep it up, tune it out and plow through!

Happy Tuesday Slayers!

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"We all have a story for our journey. Some of us choose to keep it to themselves and some of us want to use it as an opportunity to help and inspire others. I am the latter.

This is my story..."

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