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When we are forced to slow down, we re-shift

Some of us are forced to be home

Do not panic, that will not help you

Sometimes we are forced to slow life down; reshift ourselves, change things at home and we might realize this was all a blessing in disguise. It may be hard to see through the fog right now but we can take internal steps now so when the fog clears, we can move full speed ahead!

Some of us used time as an excuse to not eat right or exercise; now some of are given forced time. Take this time to research recipes, maybe do some freeze-able new peeps so when life is hectic again, you are prepared.

There are tons of resources online for workouts you can do from home. Even 20 mins a day might be more than you were doin before and it’s enough time to fit in when life picks up again.

Create new routines now that will be adaptable in the near future.

Take time for mental health, on yourself. Visualize things you want to achieve, make lists of what you want and what steps you can do now to accomplish that.

Do not judge the choices of others. We all are on our journeys. By spending energy condemning others, you are taking energy away from yourself.

Some are forced into quarantines and simple luxuries are temporary stripped. Take this time to self quarantine yourself from negativity, change your mindset and take this time to be more selfish with your personal needs and goals. Focus on the bigger picture.

These current setbacks are temporary and it may be scary for many of us, but we can choose to make good choices now that will result in lasting effectiveness in the future.

Let’s encourage each other to be our best personal selves and let that spread like a virus to bring more peace and togetherness. We are all in this together, not in competition.

Be a slayer, not a layer!

Happy Tuesday Slayers!

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