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The music doesn't stop playing just because you don't feel like the dancing.

Some days it's hard

Some days you cry and think you have made a terrible mistake

Some days you just want to eat that comfort food and drink that sugar.

Some days you ask yourself if it was worth it.


Some days you psyche yourself out of wanting to do it

Some people you love will tell you not to do it

They might ask you if it's worth giving up food right now

They will ask you if it's worth the risks of complications

They will ask you if it's worth the strict regimine


All those thoughts, moments and feelings are temporary

All those doubts and second guesses are temporary

All the initial pains and discomfort are temporary

All that worry is temporary

All the doubt instilled from others is temporary


IT IS about extending your life expectantcy

IT IS about those NSV's (Non-scale victories)

IT IS about those smiles in the reflection

IT IS about those clothes fitting around your body

IT IS about the energy to conquer the world

IT IS that confidence that makes you fierce

IT IS about slaying those goals


It's time to put yourself first. You need to recharge your own glass before you can even attempt to help fill someone else's.

Why should you sit back and watch other's succeeding with YOUR DREAMS.


Get your body moving into that direction. Get your mindset right and focus on your goals and dreams. Make a list of what you need to do and how to get to the destination.

Whether its weightloss related, career related, health related, family related, relationship related, it starts with you!

What are YOU willing to do to get to where you want to go.

No one is able to do it for you. Only you can motivate yourself, inspire yourself, pick yourself up, move your feet for you, move your mind for you.

Take some time every day and pretend there is no other life at that moment. It is just you and the universe. No job stress, no drama, no text messages, no finances, nothing else exists except for you and your dreams. Shut off the outside world for a few months and take time for yourself and do what you need to do to get to your destination.

Time will not wait for you. It will continue to pass on regardless of your daily activities. The music doesn't stop playing just because you don't feel like the dancing.

The thing to take away is that each day is only lived once and then it's gone until a new day emerges tomorrow. How we live today will dictate where we start from tomorrow so if you make small changes each day then before you know it, you will be moving mountains and kicking ass.

You are not the only one with goals, just sitting back letting time pass by. Millions of people are struggling with motivation or are hoping to be inspired to get up for themselves, to take charge or do something.

Why not be their muse of inspiration?

Lead by example

Show the world that if you can do it, anyone can!

Be their visual aid

Be their cheerleader!

Be active in yourself so that it becomes contagious!

What are you waiting for?!

Were you waiting for this post to come across your face? Then there you go!

I'll start the ball rolling.

I'm kicking ass today for myself so that I can help you move.

Get moving!

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