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Some days I feel like the Tortoise, some days the Hare…

Each day is definitely a struggle in the fight against weight loss, and I may not win every battle, but the war is far from over.

Thanksgiving, in my head, was going to be extremely hard because in my family, we have food galore.  Italian food, turkey, potatoes, cakes, desserts, etc., and I knew I was going to be doomed.

The key to getting through a healthy holiday season is to surround yourself with people who support you and are with you for the long haul.  My cousin Jamaal and my Momma vowed to only eat what I ate so that I didn’t feel alone.  Little things like that made such a huge difference for me.  I stuck to turkey, salad and veggies.  I allowed myself one bite of potatoes, candied yams and stuffing.  No more than one bite.  The reason it helped me was that the food was all laid out in the other room so when I made my plate, I ate in a different room.  Once my plate was done, I didn’t get up for more and before I knew it, my body was satisfied.  It was such an amazing feeling to not have your belly pressing so hard against your pants that you feel like you were gonna burst.

Another thing that has been helping me kick starting my new lifestyle is drinking Shakeology through BeachBody.  My friend Jessica got me on it and I drink a shake with a banana, almond milk and some cinnamon.  I’ve been told that cinnamon helps your system and its good to have some before you eat.  It is so easy to make and so filling that for me at least, its like a full meal.  The biggest thing for me is not eating breakfast in the morning, so I can put this together in 2 minutes and can drink it on the way to work.

Like I said, some days are easier than others, for me, the weekends seem to be harder when sitting around the house all day, but I have not allowed any junk food in the house, just fruits and veggies, so when I get that boredom cravings for food, I can have fruit, veggies, or some almonds and not feel so guilty.

I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.  My goal is to create a support system for people of all shapes and sizes to share what works for them, pushing through the tough days and all meeting together at the finish line!

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