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Recognize and Make Changes

Don’t be so hard on yourself when you falter, fall behind or struggle. We are human. Life punches us at times and knocks the wind out of us. That’s life.

None of us are immune to it. What defines us is how we deal with it, how we treat others and, most importantly, how we treat ourselves during it. We can be victims or survivors. We can be victims and drag ourselves down because it seems too hard, too overwhelming, too impossible. Or we can be survivors and take alternate roads, find other solutions and take small steps for a larger journey. If you do nothing every day, in a year you will have gone nowhere, maybe even backwards but if you do SOMETHING every day, even something small at first and slowly build from there, you will be amazed and where you will be a year later. It's not about overwhelming yourself with changes, its about learning new habits that are attainable and sustainable for the rest of your life. Time is going to continue on whether you do something or not, so decided where you want to be in the process.

This applies not only to the world situations around us, but also with our battles with obesity and how we overcome it.

When you find yourself bored and want to eat:

Drink a large glass of water and go for a walk. Maybe make a list of easy workouts to do like sit ups, crunches, jumping jacks, squats, etc. Things you can do if you don’t have equipment with you. Talk with someone who can relate to you, offer you advice on what works for them when they are in that situation. Learn to recognize when you are hungry for nutrition or hungry out of boredom.

When you find yourself sad, angry, depressed, etc., because your surgery was postponed, you had some regain, you find yourself falling off track lately etc.:

Acknowledge how you are feeling, that is okay! But do not succumb to the “woe is me, what’s the point right now, might as well eat what I want” mentality. This surgery will not fix those thoughts for you. Start retraining your brain now and focus on the positive. This is not forever, these are temporary setbacks towards a lifetime to working on yourself. Don’t have the all or nothing mentality. Do something small, make a list of things you can do now from simple meal prepping, planning our your daily food, simple exercise regimens, online support groups, etc. Picture yourself where you want to be and make small steps now. Re-shift your energy to the future and not shaming yourself in the present or past.

It’s about changing our mindset. Instead of “I cheated for lunch, so now the whole day is shot so I might as well enjoy it.”

How about “I cheated for lunch and had a moment of weakness but I am recognizing why I did and I am going to be conscious for the rest of the day and change my habits.”

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Decide how that life will go and which direction it will be.

You got this!

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