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Reality Bites…. and this time with sharp fangs…

I am Sheri.  Here is my story and I welcome you to join in a journey that will change not only my life forever, but hopefully yours as well.

I have been overweight my entire teenage and adult life.  

Never have I had a man carry me in his arms and spin me around. Never have I sat and stood in a chair without some kind of pain. Never have I tried on an outfit and was truly happy with the way it fit. Never have I looked in the mirror and truly loved the reflection. Never have I worn a bathing suit without a t-shirt or shorts. Never have I been able to kneel down or squat down on my knees. Never have I been able to move around without pain.

I want to grace across a dance floor like Ginger. I want to be picked up and carried around just because someone could. I want to jump, skip, cartwheel, run and play.

I have done everything under the sun to get the weight off.  Over the years I have had personal trainers, 1200 calorie diets, Hollywood Diet, PhenFen, Meridia, Phentramine, Hydroxycut, Weight Watchers, weight loss doctors, programs, 5am workouts, etc..etc..etc..  the weight has never come off.  I have had tests done over the years and despite my weight and smoking, I have always been very healthy with normal levels across the board.  I secretly always hoped that my thyroid or something would be out of whack which would give me peace of mind as knowing the cause for the lack of weight loss.

Every past journey resulted in the same thing.. No results after I lose the first 20-30 pounds no matter how it was changed, altered, etc. and every time, I would get discouraged and slowly go back to old habits and before I knew it, I weighed more than when I started every time.

I just got blood work done since it had been about 3 years or so since the last time.

Results came back…

High Cholesterol High Liver Enzymes Type 2 Diabetes

Shit just got real. 

How can this happen to me, I ask?  How do I go from being surprising healthy to having a plethora of serious issues to mound onto my enormous mountain of reality stresses?  Everyone says “how can this happen to me?”  Well, I know exactly how this happened.  I spent my whole life taking care of others, that I didn’t take myself and needs seriously.  It was so easy to get fast food on the go,  come home and make quick pasta for dinner or sit and eat candy while watching movies at home.  I have a bad sweet tooth.  

I am 31 years old.  People in their 30’s miss their body in the 20’s. I never had that body.

I decided to take this seriously and change my life.  It’s only been about 2 weeks, but I feel amazing.  I have a great support system of family and friends who have come out to help me.  I do not want to rely on medicine to survive so I am taking this month to do everything in my abilities and power to reduce the bad numbers and prove the doctor wrong.  She believes that doing it on my own might never reverse what I have done unless I take medication.  I have consulted with a number of people in the medical field and nutritional backgrounds and they all think I can do this on my own.

I am going to keep up this blog as often as I can with constant updates and news.  I hope that you take the time to read this as I know there are so many people out there that can relate.  Especially with the holidays here, people often throw caution to the wind to have that second and third helping.  To me, this is the ultimate test and I promise you, I will succeed this time.  There is no other option.

I welcome comments and suggestions.  If you like what you read, please pass it along as I hope to inspire people with my story and encourage people to take control of their lives and keep themselves healthy.  

We are only given one life in this body and mine is about to become HOT!

Luv and Smiles,


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