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One Decision..

One Decision…. That’s all it takes..

One decision to change your life

One decision to be healthy

One decision to enhance relationships

One decision to remove toxic people

One decision to do something nice for someone else

One decision to focus on yourself finally



One decision resulted in 160 lbs of weight released

One decision resulted in extending my life expectancy

One decision gave me confidence in myself

One decision removed pain from my body, mind and soul

One decision led to inspiring others with my book “Unzipped”

One decision has led to limitless opportunities in life.



The hardest part of any journey is making a single decision that you want change. That you don’t care what others think because it’s your choice, your life.


You don’t only live once. You die once. You live every day.


Decide what kind of life you want to live

Decide what kind of relationships you want to have

Decide what kind of accomplishments you want under your belt

Decide on what pain you can no do without

Decide on what opportunities you would like to have.


Make a decision TODAY, big or small.


What will it be?

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