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No More Tired

Transformation Tuesday and Motivation!

I’m too tired to go for a walk I’m too tired to go to the party I’m too tired to wash my hair today I’m too tired

BUT... I’m so tired of not having anything to wear I’m so tired of having no energy I’m so tired of crying in dressing rooms I’m so tired of taking medication

THEN.. I’m so tired of protein shakes I’m so tired of sipping I’m so tired of mashed foods I’m so tired of hair loss I’m so tired of small portions

I’m so tired of being tired...


STOP focusing on the little immediate things.

START focusing on the BIG PICTURE moving forward..

Focus on the normal blood tests Focus on that little black dress you always wished you could wear Focus on running around with your kids Focus on that marathon Focus on sitting on the floor Indian style Focus on those boots around your calves Focus on dancing at a party Focus on goin up a flight of stairs easily

Most importantly.... Focus on the reflection you want to stare back at you

It all starts with a single thought that snowballs

“I want change”

Change your mindset Change your attitude Change your actions Change your life

Happy Tuesday Sleeve Slayers!

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