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No more Resolutions. Only Evolutions..

I’m tired of every year being wasted on my “New Years Resolutions” because the year comes and goes and nothing is ever resolved and often times more is added to the pot.  So I have decided that from now on, I just want to continue evolving into my own perfect self, as best as I can.

2012 became the hardest year I have ever had to endure.  It seemed that I was just hit by everything possible from all different directions and I often found it hard to function.  I had 2 separate jobs that were both so disheartening and stressful that it completely broke down my spirit and will to drive forward.

After losing my brother Brian and finding out about his health issues, I was scared that I could be facing issues that I never knew of and it became an eye opener for me to try and take care of myself more seriously.  I never thought that one of us could be gone so soon.  It’s cliche but you hear about these people and you think “that could never happen to me or my family” and then it does and you are left numb, scared and uncertain.  

My health concerns came to fruition when I found out in November that I have high cholesterol, Diabetes and a fatty Liver.  (I prefer “fluffy” since fat is such an ugly word)  I didn’t understand the liver thing since I am not much of a drinker, but realized the weight is affecting my life more than I imagined.  I had become so accustomed to back and knee pains that it just became a part of me.  

The Last month and a half has really been life changing.  With the help of my Chiropractor, Dr. Craig Ross, I am finally finding relief in my back pains, am taking herbal supplements and weight management while detoxing my body and cleansing my liver and gallbladder.

My cousin Jamaal has been helping me with better food plans and helping me find dance classes I can take to get more exercise in.  He has also been by my side during the holidays, refraining from eating any foods I can’t eat so that I am not alone.

Jessica Jessup has been sending me regular texts and messages keeping me motivated and pumped and making sure that I am on the right track.  She got me hooked on Shakeology and unfortunately due to holidays and finances, I had to cancel it for now, but she is still by my side which has been amazing!

My Mom and brother got us the Nutri-Bullet for Christmas and I have fallen in love with this machine!  My drink consists of spinach, kale, blueberries,  rasberries or strawberries, almonds and other fruits and I wake up every morning with a shake and I end every night with shake as well so I always remember to start right and end right and then the middle of the day becomes easier to keep in place.  

Although I don’t have the shakeology right now, I did have protein powder from Trader Joes from a while back so I make a shake for breakfast with unsweetened almond milk, a banana and cinnamon (to regulate blood sugar)  I try to stick to salads for lunch and then for dinner its meat and veggies.

For an Italian girl, it has been very difficult to stay away from sugar and carbs since it is what I have lived on my whole life.  But I have not had a single soda in over a month.  No rice, pasta, or candy.  

During the holidays it was definitely rough, especially when your family makes pasta, chicken caccitore, fried pizzas, rice and gumbo, mashed potatoes, cornbread with all the fixin’s, etc.  And yes, I would try a BITE of something just so I can taste it.  Some people argued against it saying that there is no point in “tasting” it, but for me, I guess I really wanted to try it and I wanted to know that I was in control and could stop at just the one bite, which I did 🙂

After all is said and done I am happy to report that I made it through the holidays while LOSING 10 pounds!  I always though that holiday weight loss was a fairy tale or some kind of oxymoron, but it definitely exists because I wanted results and I am seeing results.

2013 is going to be my year.  I am evolving every day and making new decisions that will impact my life for the better.  I will be healthy and free from health concerns.  Everything will have been reversed.

I also decided that 2013 was going to be the year I push writing more rigorously.  So I just entered the songwriting competition again, this time for the lyrics category.  The results come in May 14th and I am working on my short story editing and will be submitting it throughout the year and see what comes from it.

I want 2013 to be about YOU as well!  Who wants to join me and Evolve for the better?!

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