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Motivation Monday!

If you haven’t had the surgery yet and you are scared…

Don’t fixate on the nerves and being scared. Instead think about yourself in the dressing room, not crying this time but doing a happy dance because you are now a size you only dreamed of. Fixate on you staring in the mirror and beaming from ear to ear because you look and FEEL amazing! Fixate on wearing heels and rocking that dress. Fixate on those blood test results that are now clear from diabetes, high cholesterol, fatty liver. Fixate on your new years resolution no longer having “Lose weight” at the top of the list, but instead doing a marathon, jumping rope, new goals you didn’t think were once possible!

If you had the surgery and are beating yourself down because you are at a stall…

Look at a picture of yourself before, at your heaviest and look at your reflection afterwards. Look how far you have come! Do NOT beat yourself down. There are so many variables as to why you are at a stall: Your body is shifting, you are building muscle, you need more water, you need to mix up your routine a bit, etc etc etc. You are not supposed to lose weight every day, every week or even every month. Our bodies are all different. Do NOT compare your body or progress to someone else’s, that’s how we get discouraged and falter. Instead, compared your journey to your own journey. See what has changed lately with your habits and make small changes if needbe or talk to your doctor.

If you are years out and had some regain and are beating yourself down…

YOU ARE HUMAN! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PERFECTION! Stop with the pity party and being so hard on yourself. You just accomplished the hardest part, you RECOGNIZE it! It’s not all or nothing now. Instead, make small changes, don’t set the bar so high that it’s easy to give up and retract. Go back to the basics for a couple days, increase your water. Find out what emotions you have been going through surrounding this timeline of weight gain. Maybe there are issues you need to work out or talk to someone about. This is a lifetime tool and might seem like a quick fix in the beginning but that was temporary because of the restrictions. When you are beating yourself up, look at that old picture or old pair of jeans you had, COMMEND yourself for how far you have come and be proud of yourself that you are recognizing old patterns creeping and you are the only one in control to over come them. You did it before, you can do it again!


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