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Monday Mantra

Motivation Monday

Whether you are preparing for your journey, are in the middle of your journey or already at your goal, you still need to remember to talk love to yourself, especially when you are down or discouraged

Monday Mantras:

Im no longer obese: I’m healthy and beautiful I’m no longer in pain: I’m active and free I’m no longer owned by food: I am in charge People will break me: they are no longer my people I’m no longer afraid: I embrace everything

Sometimes we crack. Find a glue that works for you. Sometimes we feel broken. Find a cast that will support you. Sometimes the world is to heavy for us to breath. Take a breath anyway

This is not meant to be easy. It’s meant to test us. Challenge us. Prepare us for the rest of the world.

That loose skin will give you tough skin Those insecurities will give you courage Those doubts will make you humbled Those fears will give you strength

No matter where you are in your life, only you can decide how your story will end from this moment on.

In the words of my Grandma who always instilled this in me:

“Today is the first day or the rest or your life”

Time to live it! Smurf yeah!

Happy Monday Slayers and let’s live today!

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