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M.O.B.A. is Here!

I started 2020 with 3 awesome opportunities to kick start the year

1) First Health Expo with "Unzipped"

2) Filming an episode of "The Doctors"

3) Being asked to be a speaker at a Bariatric Conference in Atlanta for March.

The health expo was a total bust for everyone who was there

The Doctors episode aired 4 days after California shut down for the first time in unprecedented fashion. The episode was lost in the mayhem and although they said they would promote my website and book, they didn't do either and didn't even put my last name so people could google me and find out more

The Bariatric conference was to take place the following weekend of shutdowns and obvi that didn't take place...

So here I was devastated to be 0 and 3 for all these amazing opportunities and as we all witnessed, 2020 has proven to be the most challenging year for the masses in our history.

I found myself faced with two options:

I can complain about life not being fair, wallow in disappointment and be angry with my surroundings

OR I can adapt to the unexpected changes and find other ways to find happiness, health, love and passion

Obvi, I option for option 2 :)

If you have been following my blogs, you will know that I went out and got a minimum wage job in the height of the pandemic because I couldn't sit at home all day and wallow in self pity, fear, doubt and/or succumbing to falling behind. I had let the stresses of life bring down my health in the past and I made a promise to myself to never let that happen again.

I found a way to enjoy my greatest physical passion in life, Dancing. If you follow me on IG @Randomthought18 you will see I have gone crazy with the dancing which has become my save haven in such a dark year. I get to take time for myself, release endorphins, gain confidence and above all else, get exercise in that doesn't feel like a chore, but instead, something to be excited about and look forward to.

I walked out of 2019 feeling lost, not knowing where my life was going to take me, what my future would hold. My relationship safety net was gone and I felt like I was all alone in the world at times. I could have reverted to old ways, old habits, old mindsets and succumbed to depression or vices but that never worked in the past so I decided to try something different. I didn't want to be a statistic, I wanted to prove that I could overcome and shatter the negative energy. How do you do that when your life was spent taking care of others, being there for everyone else and carrying the weight on your shoulders from your surrounding life of people, responsibilities and life.

I decided to put myself first.

I made myself a priority for the first time in my life. I decided I was tired to lifting everyone around me, or envying the successes of others. Why not me too??

I took control of my health, my fitness, my mental and emotional health and I kept my eye focuses on my prizes. Nothing was going to stop me from giving life everything I had to give and taking the world by storm.

That mentality of being a Bad Ass carried me through the threshold of 2019 and ready to conquer 2020 with a raging fury of energy, determination, vision and excitement.

And then March happened LOL

Of course some of the steam filtered out of my positive energy inflated body but I had such a strong mindset going into it that I made it a priority to keep the momentum up as much as I could. I was determined to not let this windfall of unexpected uncertainty break me down. I built up this mindset of being a Master of Bad-Assery so now it's time to put my money where my mouth was and live vicariously through my own words preached out.

Of course it has it's ups and downs. We are human. We falter. We can take a few steps back here and there but at the end of the day your mindset will always determine how far back you fall or how high you will soar.

I have been working day and night on myself. How to constantly improve myself in all aspects of my life. How to improve my communication, my skills, my assets, my health, my love for myself?

I have built a mantra in my head of being a Master of Bad-Assery for years, a dream of striving to be the best at whatever it was that I was working on that day. 2020 became the year of manifestation and bringing those thoughts into reality. M.O.B.A. is not only a mantra, it's a mindset. It's the belief that you can do it. It's the belief that you will do it. It's the belief that you are it. Its the mentality of being the best version of yourself, however you think that is and actively working on it to achieve it.

Be a M.O.B.A. in your profession

Be a M.O.B.A. in your relationships

Be a M.O.B.A. in your hobbies

Be a M.O.B.A. in your passions

Be a M.O.B.A. in the lives of those you love

Be a M.O.B.A. in everything you see, feel, touch, breath, give

Live with a M.O.B.A. Mentality

2020 may have had a cluster f*@* of stuff in the middle but it's time to end 2020 with the same gusto that we entered it with. We entered 2020 with a slew of dreams, goals, resolutions.

Sometimes the middle is just fluff and for the purpose of setting up new chapters and preparing you for what's to come. We should look at downfalls as an opportunity to tell a story of uprising. The middle chapters of 2020 are for a reason, for a purpose. We might not grasp the why's right now but we keep focused and keep pushing until the hindsight is clear and focused.

I entered 2020 with 3 amazing opportunities and now I am excited to announce that I am ending 2020 with exciting news and the launch of M.O.B.A. !!!!!

M.O.B.A. is in all of us, just waiting to break out and shine.

This is your time now!

Enter 2020 as M.O.B.A.

Subscribe to my blog and the website to get updates for the M.O.B.A page coming soon and merchandise in the shop.

Hope you all have an amazing New Year this week and I look forward to sharing all your stories of Bad-Assery in 2021!

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