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Keep Pushing

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Motivation Monday


Frustration brings out change

Scared brings out change

Motivation brings out change

Inspirations brings out change

Boredom brings out change

Jealousy brings out change


The biggest change starts from within. A mindset that YOU want change. That what you have been doing doesn’t work for you anymore and you want something better.


Better outcome

Better relationships

Better life quality

Better attitude

Better reflection

Better self


There was a time for 20 years where I wished I was smaller, that I could walk without being winded, that I could tie my shoes without keeling over, that I could fit into a seat without my thighs digging in, that I could be happy with my reflection.


I decided enough was enough and I was ready for serious change


In the beginning when it falls off quicker, you are constantly motivated and pumped. But eventually it slows down or even stalls for a long time and that’s when you push even harder.


There are days where it’s hard, painful of overwhelming...KEEP PUSHING


There are days where you feel lazy and don’t want to do anything...KEEP PUSHING


There are times where you are angry at the scale for not moving...KEEP PUSHING


The scale has been stalled for almost a year now for me. I’ve been bouncing around the same few pounds back and forth like a ping pong ball and I started to get discouraged even though I was working out...but KEEP PUSHING


A number on a scale doesn’t define you! It doesn’t determine how you feel, your attitude does. Do you like your reflection more now? Then you are succeeding! Keep pushing!


When you are irritated by a stall, look back to where you started and realize how far you have come! You have been slaying! Keep at it and always push yourself.


You got this! Happy Monday!

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