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In less than 12 hours, my life will forever be changed.

For over 20 years, I have battled in the war of obesity. I had won temporary battles here and there but there was always a bigger fleet fighting in front of me. 20 years of Personal trainers, weight watchers, calorie counting, Paleo, Juicing, Phen/Fen, Meridia, Weight loss doctors and more medication, nutritionists and supporting family and friends. 20 years of struggling and fighting so hard for results to rarely be had.

I was hit with Type 2 Diabetes, Fatty Livers, High Cholesterol and a shortened life sentence if I kept at this weight. Using methods mentioned above, I was able to reverse all of the medical ailments that have recently plagued me, yet the weight would still not come off.

People around me would have specific plans to try guaranteeing success, or would make comments that I wasn’t trying hard enough, wasn’t committed enough, or wasn’t determined enough. When the weight wouldn’t come off, well that meant that I need to increase exercise and decrease meals, increase protein and decrease fat, etc., etc., etc.,

Those closest around me have watched me in pain, watched me sweat until my eyes were burning, watched me push myself to the limits and have also watched me fall off. 6 months ago, I made a decision… After toying back and forth for over 15 years, I made the conscious decision that I needed Bariatric surgery in order to save my life. This was NOT a decision that I came to lightly. I spent 3 months researching all options, talking to people I knew had it, reading blogs from other men and women who went through this change. I met with numerous doctors to weight all options, risks, benefits and experiences. Most importantly, I got a stamp of approval from those few closest to me. They all told me that they supported me and were so happy that I was taking control and for once in my life, I was thinking about ME.

I will be having the Gastric Sleeve surgery tomorrow morning at 7am.

People may read this and judge me and/or think that I am cheating. Hell, that was the attitude I had for all these years and was the main reason I never did it before. That’s okay. I am not afraid of your views or comments. This is something that I need to do for me and me alone.

In the blogs that I have been reading from other Gastric Sleevers, they reference something called “NSV”. I finally found out that it meant Non-Surgical Victories. Here are some of the ones i am looking forward to most. In reading them, I could only hope that the people judging me would consider these things as always being taken for granted, and never noticed until you are unable to do them.

Wear Boots Wrap a normal towel around your body Fit in a normal bathroom stall without having to use the handicap being able to sit and get up without the aid or a person, chair or bar Cross your legs Tie your shoes in the center, instead of the sides of your shoes Tie your shoes without running out of breath Walk up stairs without wanting to keel over Use a Hula Hoop as a tool for dancing and not as a belt Fit in a booth in a restaurant Fit into an airplane seat Fit into any seat for that matter without having your body flop into directions not possible before Squat to the floor to pick up something. Look in the mirror Run Live a life without pain Thank you for the love and support from those who have known the whole time. I am anxious and excited for this new journey to begin.

I’ll be making lots of blogs from here on out to share my journey and hopefully inspire others to take control of their lives, whether its through surgery, programs or just in need of support and cheerleading!

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