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If you build it in your mind, it will come in time..

Don't ever let yourself believe that it can't be done.

Don't ever let yourself believe that it's too hard.

Don't ever let yourself believe it's too far to travel.

Don't ever let yourself believe it's impossible.

I am living proof that you can overcome it!

It all starts with the mindset that you want it.

What do I mean by a mindset?

I mean, simply telling yourself you can do it. Doesn't matter what the task is. It could be about your health, your fitness, your hobbies, your job, your dreams and aspirations, your relationship goals, etc. It's the simple idea that you just have the image in your head of what you want and actually achieving it. It's the mere belief in yourself that really moves mountains.

It morphs into the mantra that you will get it?

Simply put, talk to yourself everyday as if you have already accomplished it.

I make more money at work

I am at a healthier weight

I am in a healthy relationship

I am an amazing dancer

I am a successful doctor, nurse, athlete, business owner, professional, etc

I am full of love

When you treat your mindset with mantras as if they have already come true, then your body, mind, energy, or however it is, shifts internally to catch up with what your brain believes is now truth.

It becomes a MENTALITY that you will own it

The Mentality is your own mind. You are fully in control of the drivers seat. Your mindset dictates where you turn, where you stop, where you speed, where you pull over, EVERYTHING.

To some reading this, this might seem "airy fairy" but I can tell you that sometimes it really is that easy. I talk in my book how I changed my mindset away from focusing on foods I couldn't eat, or things I couldn't do and instead started visualizing things as if it already came to fruition, smiling as I envisioned doing certain tasks that seemed impossible.

It really is amazing how changing your attitude or approach to a situation to a positive instead of a negative has crazy effects in all other aspects of life.

Focusing on wearing those favorite pants vs complaining about certain foods

Focusing on lifting 75lbs vs complaining about the 10lb weights in your hand

Focusing on that promotion instead of complaining about bills

Focusing on what makes you happy in your relationship instead of complaining about quirks or small irritations

The world is yours for the taking, but you have the make the decision that you want it and are willing to work for it.

Time has shown us that whether we are sitting down or walking around, time will continue on with or without us. We have to seize every moment we can.

This doesn't mean we are not human and are immune from downtime, dark moments, or obstacles. Absolutely not!

This DOES mean that the only thing guaranteed in our lives is change. The last year has shown all of us that. It just means we have to learn to adapt and find new ways around it, but our mindset will ALWAYS be the driving force to success!

Don't just take my word for it. Give it a try for a while. Give yourself the pep talks, visualize the results you want and you may just find that your overall demeanor is different, there is more pep in your step and life seems to be a little more manageable than it was before.

Happy Wednesday! Get to your thoughts...

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