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I Hit it BIG! 100+

So I can’t believe that I missed my 5 mo. post op Blog post!  I can tell you that it has been so crazy in my world these days.  About a month ago, I got a second job working part time so now both my jobs are about 30 mi away from home and let’s just say I spend most of my days, driving, working, cooking and sleeping.  I am happy to report that I hit my HUGE MILESTONE of 100 POUNDS!  These are the kinds of moments that you always dreamed of but never thought you would be lucky enough to experience.  After struggling for years, I take each day at a time and have no expectations.  I just let whatever happens, happen and I am enjoying every minute of these continued surprises!!

As promised, here is a Before and After Picture at the 100 lb mark!


Since a couple weeks ago, I have lost another 11 lbs bringing my total weight loss journey thus far to 111lbs!  I am 27 lbs away from hitting ONEderland.  (Meaning I will weight less than 200 pounds)  I have gone down from a Size 26 jeans to a Size 14 jeans!  With the exception of a couple months, 9 YEARS ago, I have not been a size 14 since I was in Junior High and beginning of High School!! This is so unreal!  As a treat to myself (courtesy of Erick) for the 100 pound loss, I got my hair cut and colored for the first time in forever!  It was such a treat to go to a salon and get pampered.  I felt like a million bucks and my hair was definitely happy with me!


I got Highlights and Lowlights.  I am definitely happy with how it turned out!

On Another high note, I a week ago, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in the mail, officially making me a College Grad!  I am excited to strut my new body in my cap and gown on May 18th.  I made a vow before my surgery that 2015 will be my greatest year yet, and its only March and I feel like I am unstoppable!


Despite the constant driving and working these days, I have energy unlike I have ever before.  My body is fully healed, I can jump and dance around and still have energy to cook, clean and work!   I have a lot more foodie pics this time because its been so long so I hope you enjoy the show!


Baked Tilapia with Pesto and Asparagus


Seasoned Porkchops with Onions and Asparagus


Spinach & Ricotta Chicken Bake on a bed of Gluten Free Pasta


Pineapple Chicken Thighs and Brown Rice


Terriyaki Chicken Bake and Brown Rice


Lemon and Herb Chicken with Gluten Free Pasta


Chicken and Zucchini


Sweet Italian Sausage with GF Pasta and Alfredo Sauce


First Attempt at a Pan seared Ribeye Steak and steamed carrots!

And Finally, some infused Waters…


Cinnamon, Pear and Ginger


Strawberry, Cucumber and Basil


Blueberry, Lime and Mint

Once again, almost all recipes can be found on my Pinterest page under the board “Recipes Tried and Approved”  Keep your eye out for more additions to the list!  There are so easy to make and so good!

Thank you to everyone who has really been motivating me and encouraging me through this journey!  I am almost at 500 followers on Instagram!  It’s so great to be part of a community of people going through the same thing as you, in different stages.  I love watching all these transformations happy before my very eyes!

As always, Follow me on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram @Randomthought18.  Also Follow my blog for updates.

The next blog post wont take so long, I promise!

Until Next time…

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