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Flashback And Fitness Friday

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

I wasn’t living before. I was just existing

. I was tired of always being tired I was tired of “You have such a pretty face but..” I wanted change


All it takes is a single moment. Just one moment that you want change. That you don’t want to be a statistic. That you don’t want an early tombstone. You don’t want the whispers “so sad..”


A single moment can change your life and it starts in your own head.

Don’t be envious of the success of others. Be inspired by it for yourself

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. No other being is identical to you

Never stop making goals. Goals change, can be added, improved on, altered as things change around you.


At first I just wanted my pain to go away and I thought I would be happy. Now I am creating pain in the gym because I am always striving for more.

Don’t have regrets for how you were in the past. Learn from it, accept it and realize that old life helped define the person you are today.


If you are not happy with where you are today, make a small change and let this moment define how you will look back down the road.


Time to get pumped. Pumped physically. Pumped emotionally. Pumped mentally.


Happy Friday Slayers!

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