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Finished the 75 Day Hard and now onto Phase 1!

Oh my gosh! It's crazy how much can change in a month's time! So where did we leave off last time??

Day 60! I never had thought I would have made it that far! I remember when it was Day 19 and I looked at the calendar and the grand scheme of how far away that was from 75 was overwhelming to say the least, LOL

Once you get to Day 60, you feel like a beast and now failure is just not going to be an option no matter what. Having a sinus infection at that time was extremely challenging but I had to adapt to make sure I was completing each task while taking care of my body and not over doing it. It was about a week of walks and stretching and not much gym sessions because my body was still recovering slowly. Don't you love crappy air quality on top of allergy season?! Taking walks with the blooms dusting into your face is a lot of fun HAHA!

Once it was over, I was back to being a beast. By Day 70, there was nothing that was going to stop me! I was smiling more on the walks, I was counting down the days and I was constantly reminiscing on the overall journey and where it was taking me mentally, physically and emotionally.

On top of the personal triumphs I was feeling, there is no greater feeling in the world than having people from all over messaging you and telling you that they have been inspired to either do the 75Hard themselves, or a variation of it. They were ready to take control and watching me post about it gave them the encouragement to start!

I told people that not everyone needs to do the same thing I am doing. I know it's hard and it's not to say I am better for doing more. This was a challenge for myself and for myself alone. I was able to do it with the daily schedule I had. I was blessed with a work schedule that allowed to me work my own hours and incorporate the tedious tasks to my daily routine. Didn't make it easy in the least bit, but I was allowed the opportunity to truly put myself first and work everything else around it.

Realistically, I know that not everyone is so lucky with that schedule. I know people have kids, work crazy hours, and have schedules that make it unrealistic to do everything in this challenge. So when people would message me and tell me that they were doing a variation of the challenge that worked for them, I became their biggest cheerleader!

Life is all about making small changes that are doable daily based on your personal needs and abilities. If you are unable to do 2 workouts a day, don't beat yourself down! If all you can do is a 20 min walk every day, then start with that. The thing I learned about this challenge is it's more about the consistency that turns things into a habit! Once it just becomes part of your daily routine, you would truly be surprised as to how much more you can add slowly over time!

On Day 75, I was over the moon elated. I was doing happy dances! I was making TikToks and the smile I had was just contagious! There was definitely a small case of SENIORitis where you feel like the day is never ending and you just want to check out already and be officially done but I pressed on!

Finished my final workout in the evening, came home and did my final reading, final photo and closed out myfitnesspal app and I went to bed that night on cloud 9! It literally felt like it was just yesterday that I had started, just yesterday that Day 19 seemed like such a friggen mountain to climb over. But when I changed my mindset to just focus on each task each day and visualize the finish line, something shifted and I wasn't going to let anything or anyone stand in my way!

Day one I started at exactly 200 lbs. Day 75, I weighed in at 178.2. A total weight loss of 21lbs! I finally had broken my 5 year stall and was able to get under the dreaded 184 that taunted me for years!

Day 75 and I was now 5lbs away from being back at the lowest weight of my life and post surgery, 173. 5lbs away after a 50lbs regain in 2017! Unreal!!!!!

The first day after the challenge was Easter Sunday, April 17. My hubby had someone hand make some desserts for me so I enjoyed the crap out of a coconut macaroon and it was the most glorious macaroon I had ever devoured in my lifetime! Okay maybe a small exaggeration but still...

I took a week off from everything. I wanted to enjoy the high, let my body rest and give myself a chance to decompress. I would go for the occasional walk but there was something nice about not having the stress or pressure to get everything done.

During week 2, something weird was happening. I was constantly tired, feeling depleted and lacking motivation. I found myself being more lazy at times and not having the energy to do shit outside the regular work duties.

Did my body miss the Challenge? Did my body miss the structure?? AM I CRAZY?!?!?

I bitched about that challenge every day for 75 days! And now my body is bitching back at me for stopping!

My friend had suggested I do the Phase 1 Challenge of the 75Hard and when I looked it up, I shuddered:

Same rules as the 75Hard which included

(2) 45-min workouts

one of those workouts has to be outside

drink a gallon of water (but for me being bariatric, 72 ounces)

Read 10 pages of a nonfiction book

Take a progress photo each day

Follow a Diet

No cheats meals and no alcohol

NOW we have to do ALL OF THAT and also now include each day:

5 min cold shower

10 minutes of meditation

3 additional tasks of your choose that betters you somehow


I thought about maybe just continuing with the 75Hard like I did before but after taking the 2 weeks off, I wasn't being strict with myself. I guess I am one of those crazy people who needs specific structure and lists to knock off each day.

I contemplated hard for a few days. I felt I could handle everything for the most part except for the shower. But then I started reflecting on the last 3 months and this challenge helped me to break a 5 year long stall. Maybe Phase 1 can take me further than the surgery did before the regain? I mean we are talking 5lbs here. Maybe Phase 1 can drop those pounds in 30 days?

SMURF IT... Let's see what we are capable of!

Day 1 was Monday, May 2nd. Today is day 9!

Couple things I have learned in the last 9 days:

I definitely did miss the structure of it all

I am accomplishing more in a day than I have in a long time, not just challenge wise, but around the house. Having to find 3 additional tasks each day has been good for house projects I have been putting off since we moved here last year.

I have cleaned out the garage, re-organized boxes, completely cleaned out my office and reorganized, organized the bedroom, purged and donated clothes, decluttered the living room and purged stuff from every room to make room for better stuff down the road!

The meditation each day is helping to visualize specific goals I want to accomplish, puts me in a good mood and helps greatly with stress reduction

The cold showers at no point get ANY easier. It's basically a 5 min curse fest every morning. I have every second of it. I loathe and despise it. However, I am doing it each day because I have noticed that it does help in inflammation (at least for me) and its making me hungrier earlier in the day which makes me think it really is speeding up my metabolism.

And something about the showers is working because I was at a 3-4 week stall even at the tail end of the originally challenge. I was stalled at exactly 177.2 and now today I weighed in at 175.4!

I am now 2.4lbs away from the lowest weight of my life and I still have about 3 weeks to go! My motivation is so smurfing high right now and I am so determined to shatter that goal.

I also joked in my last post that I might have to save some of the journey stories for a book and sorry guys, but I made the decision that it is time to write book number 2! I guess it helps that writing chapters will count towards my extra tasks for the day so needless to say, stay tuned to see what other things start coming to fruition!

Until then, I am about to have a yoga lesson for workout number 2 today and looking forward to cooking another healthy dinner!

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So much shit is happening, lets go!!!!

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