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Everyone is Different...

How much weight will I lose the first week/month/year? - Everyone is different

Will I have hair loss? How much? When? - Everyone is different

When can I tolerate alcohol, bread, sugar? - Everyone is different

When can I go back to work? - Everyone is different

When is it safe for salad, soda, pizza? - Everyone is different

When will I get to ONEderland? - Everyone is different

How much will my boobs, feet, D change? - Everyone is different

What should I tell people about my weightloss? - Everyone is different

When can I chug water again? - Everyone is different

How many calories should I consume? - Everyone is different

What should my workouts be? - Everyone is different

How long did it take you to recover? - Everyone is different

What is the insurance process? - Everyone is different

Do we sense a pattern here?

Stop comparing yourself to anyone else. Even identical starting stats will have different results every single time.

Focus on you. Your goals, your regimen, your doctors orders.

Focus on how you want to look and feel. How you want to breath without catchin your breath all the time.

Focus on the way your clothes make you feel in your reflection, not on the number on a scale.

Focus on what YOUR before and afters will look like. Be inspired by the posts of others but don't compare yourself to them.

We are all different. We are all beautiful. We are all losers.

I've been on the losers bench 5 years now. I'm still working on me every day still. I'm always evolving and improving. Hopefully my story helps you to become #Unzipped yourself and inspire you to be the best version of yourself!

How can I help inspire and motivate you today?

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