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Day 60 of the 75 Hard Challenge!

It's so crazy to think back on the first couple weeks of the challenge and how overwhelming it felt knowing how far the end date was. I didn't think it through when I first started this journey. My thought process was why not give a chance and see how far I could go with it? Not really sure what my expectations would be or if I would complete it.

February 1 became Day 1! It was a Tuesday and I was working from home that day so it felt like it would be easy peasy. Woke up in the morning and had my morning coffee, rested a bit until I was fully awake and then I got dressed, popped on the sneakers, headphones and hoodies and I went out for a 45 min walk around the neighborhood. I put on a podcast and just listened away, focusing on the chatter and before I knew it, the timer went off and the walk was done!

Easy peasy!

Okay, lets work on the water. I was drinking water along the walk with my M.O.B.A. Shaker Cup and was progressing through the day. My cup was 24 ounces so in my head, I just needed 3 cups of this and I will hit my 1 gallon goal for the day. Easy peasy right?

Nope. I did the math wrong in my head. I though 1 gallon was 64 ounces, LOL. It was brought to my attention that a gallon was 128 ounces of water. Well shit me sideways, I wasn't prepared for that and I was barely finishing my second cup and it was already 5pm!

Because of the Gastric Sleeve Surgery, I can't chug water like I could before but damnit I was gonna try. I can't fail on my first day!

For the second workout, I went to the gym and I was pushing water as much as I could! By about 9pm, my stomach was hurting. I was physically in pain as I was approaching the final drops of cup 3 (only 72 ounces) but as I was finishing the last of those ounces, I was doubled over in pain. My stomach was bloated, painful and I had trouble moving. Erick was pissed at me saying I can't do this challenge because the sleeve obviously won't let me consume this much water in a day. I felt defeated and embarrassed. I joined a group of all these people and everyone was being all motivating and here I was unable to do the first day.

What Erick said though started to resonate with me. I don't think I am able to consume a whole gallon of water a day. But I didn't know what my max would be. So that night I messaged someone who was a bariatric nutritionist and I told her the situation. He told me that was way too much water to get in in a day and I could possibly do harm if I tried every day. She said 72 ounces was a more realistic goal. Well that's a big difference from 128 but my situation was definitely unique compared to everyone else. I messaged the guy running the group and explained the situation. I told him my case is unique and I can't consume that much water. I completely understood if I had to drop out of the challenge.

What he wrote back was amazing and that no, I was NOT giving up on this challenge. My case was obviously unique and we had to alter my water intake to something more realistic, so I chose 72 ounces, which even that was a challenge on day 1 but I was determined that if I planned it right throughout the day, I would be able to achieve that instead of trying to cram it all in at once.

The first week or two was definitely tough as you are adjusting to two workouts a day, tracking all your food, reading and pushing water. After two weeks I was like easy peasy, I got this! And then I looked at the calendar and realized how many days were still left and it definitely felt overwhelming. What the crap did I agree to?? But I decided I was going to keep pushing as long as I could and see how far I could take this thing.

A lot has happened since this challenge started 60 days ago. I could probably easily write a couple of chapters worth of a book on just the last 60 days which is way too much writing for one blog post but I will say this. There will be another post in the next day or two describing more of the funny, challenging and roadblocks that have come along the way and how we are still pushing through it all!

I had to come on here today because I can't believe we are on day 60! It seems like it was just a week ago when I was doubled over in pain contemplating my life choices on that first day!

We have rounded 3rd base and we are headed for home. Even with a sinus infection at the moment, I have not let myself falter or quit. I will keep pushing no matter what until I reach that finish line. The M.O.B.A. Mentality is strong in my core and failure is not an option!

Can't wait to see the full results on day 75 and I will keep bringing you along for the ride!

Here is my starting picture on Day 1! I don't want to spoil the surprise, but the pounds have been dropping and I can't wait to reveal the difference on the last day!!

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See you next time!

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