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Commit to yourself

There was a time, for many years, when I hated having my photo taken.

I hated being tagged on Facebook by others.

I hated reunions of any kind because it was like I could hear the silent voices,

"She really let herself go"

"She was doing well for a while"

"What happened?"

"What a shame"

What was stopping me from living my best life?

Why were others overcoming their obstacles but not me?

What did they have that I didn't?

Looking back, I now realize what was lacking for me.

Committing to myself.

This is a different beast than any other commitment. You can commit to work, a significant other, a friend, an agreement, a program, etc. but in all those commitments, it is for the benefit of someone else or something else. But what happens when any of all those variables disappoint us? We revoke our commitment and we can move on from them or the situation and continue on with our lives.

We can't remove ourselves from ourselves.

Food addiction is unlike any other addiction out there. Whether its drugs, alcohol, gambling, smoking, sex, shopping, etc. you can overcome any of those addictions and never do it, touch it, or live with it again.

You cannot stop eating for the rest of your life. You would obviously die. You need food to survive.

You can't revoke a commitment to food, but we can change our perception of ourselves and how we approach food, health, wellness and everything else.

We have to make a commitment to ourselves. We have to commit to our own "big pictures" of how we want to be remembered. How our legacy lives. How we live our best lives.

In a sense:

Don't commit to a program

Don't commit to food

Don't commit to the gym

Don't commit to someone else

Don't commit to weight-loss

Commit to your brain

Commit to your soul

Commit to your emotions

Commit to your heart

Commit to your body

Commit to yourself

You are worthy of it

You deserve it

You owe it to yourself

No one can live your life for you. Just like you can revoke your commitments to outside people, places and things, the same can happen to you. People and things and stop committing to you.

The only thing that can provide 100% full commitment without strings, expectations or defeating variables, is your own mindset.

Commit to yourself and the time will prevent itself

Commit to yourself and the energy is materialize

Commit to yourself and the excuses will fade

Commit to yourself and others' will lead

Commit to yourself and your life will change for the better

Make a commitment today.

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