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Be a Master Of Bad Assery (M.O.B.A.)

You hear so many rags to riches stories. People who rose from the ashes to conquer what was once merely just a pipe dream. The greatest influential and motivating people we look up to started from scratch. They were just like us. They had chores, homework, minimum wage jobs, responsibilities, stresses, and obstacles preventing them from immediate greatness.

What made them stick out? What made them overcome it all? What made them rise up above the rest of us? What made them successful? What made them great?

It all started with a single thought.

It all started with a mindset of "Why not me?"

Your mind is the most powerful tool known in human history. There is no exact science to it, because we don't even know how to consciously interpret and understand the vast potentials of the human brain. We have heard the stories of women lifting cars to save a child, walking after being told it would never happen, etc. but how does that happen?

Well, it is because on those moments, there is a mindset that takes over you, that believes in the outcome, feels the potential and gives you strength beyond what you can comprehend.

Your mindset determines everything. It determines how you let people treat you. It determines how you will handle a task. It determines whether or not something will pass or fail.

It's the belief in the act that pushes you towards completion.

Whatever you do in life, be a Master Of BadAssery. Believe in your own potential and abilities!


M.O.B.A. is a MANTRA


Strive for the best, whatever you are doing

Doctor or Nurse?

Strive to be the BEST

Police Officer or Firefighter?

Strive to be the BEST

Attorney or CPA?

Strive to be the BEST

Athlete or Musician?

Strive to be the BEST

Teacher or Student?

Strive to be the BEST

Designer or Architect?

Strive to be the BEST

Chef or Masseuse?

Strive to be the BEST

Hairstylist or Esthetician?

Strive to be the BEST

Therapist or Pharmacist?

Strive to be the BEST

Artist or Dancer?

Strive to be the BEST

M.O.B.A. is the mentality to give it your all, strive for being the best, and pushing through any obstacle you thrown at you. It doesn't matter how challenging it seems, how far fetched it appears or how far in the distance you can see it. Move towards it anyway!

Will it make you number 1?

Well........ There’s only one way to find out, right?

At the very least, it will make you shoot yourself up above average, make you stand out, and rise above competitors and most importantly, rise you up in confidence and fearlessness.

Success starts with a mindset, a mantra to yourself, a mentality that you can do it and kick ass at it.

Make it a M.O.B.A. MENTALITY



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