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43 Pounds in 6 weeks! I’d pinch myself, but I’m starting to run out of fat places!

If you would have told me 7 weeks ago that I would lose 43 pounds in 6 weeks, I would tell you to stop listening to the dragon in the kitchen and lay off the happy juice.  For years, I couldn’t lose more than 20 pounds in the course of MONTHS, let along weeks.  43 pounds like like 4 bowling balls or a 5 year old child.  Think of the power of that?  Walking around with a 5 year old hanging on you and never letting go.  There is no wonder why I was always tired, drained and exhausted.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have a VERY long way to go before I reach my goal weight, but this is such a huge jump start.  I am no longer regretting the decision (based on the pain and discomfort I was in) and now I am loving it.  I still have some issues WANTING to eat more, but physically not being able to.  That’s still a mental issue I have to overcome.

In the last post, I mentioned cooking for the first time.  Well since then, I have cooked quite a few pinterest meals that have come out FABULOUS!  I am really enjoying this cooking thing.  That’s another thing I never thought that I would say.

Here are some of the recent Pinterest Creations…

This was Cinnamon Apple Porkchops with String Beans

This was Polish Sausage with Cabbage and Onions

Both these recipes were easy to make and inexpensive!

I have to add that I have been really enjoying this.  I know I already said that, but I really am.  I actually look forward to finding a new recipe to try and coming home to cook.

This surgery has not only changed my physical appearance, but it is changing me in a positive way on the inside.  Since I can only put clean and good foods in my body, It reflects how I want to live.  I was always such a pack rat, holding on to so much and living with so much clutter.  This has motivated me to get rid of the clutter along with the pounds from my body.  I am literally cleansing myself from the inside out.  I am now motivated to come home and take care of chores before doing anything else.  Once those are done, then dinner is made, cleaning along the way and during dinner, we catch up on shows and then I am in bed pretty early.  This new routine ain’t…too….shabby for me.

I just can’t wait until I blow through my first major achievement, breaking below 287 pounds.  Haven’t done it in over 5-6 years and I am 7 pounds away!

One thing I am loving most, Is that I have people asking me questions and advise on what to do and how to handle their journey.  They are following my sites and feeling inspired, which in turn inspires me more as well!

So…with that said….

Follow me on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter @Randomthought18.  Also follow my blog to get updates and pictures!!

And now…what should I made for dinner tonight??

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