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40 pounds lighter and a happy shade of health!

This week I finally said goodbye to the 300’s and hello to the 200’s  (I’ve missed, you, its been about a year!)

So today I met with the doctor as we entered week 6.  All is going well.  There has been a weird redness around my incisions which I thought was normal, but apparently they are not, LOL.  Doctor said he has never seen anything like it.  He seems to think that I had an allergic reaction to the glue they used to cover the incisions.  He recommended some Hydorcortisone cream so I will try that.  Apparently the itching is normal, and let me tell you, when there is itching, there is ITCHING!  I felt like I had the chicken pox again, I was scratching my stomach so much!

Besides the occasional burning throat (acid reflux) and the itching stomach, this week has been pretty great!  I have tried some new foods including teriyaki chicken, mashed cauliflower, chicken salad, polenta, shrimp, tilapia and spaghetti squash!  I had never had spaghetti squash and it was pretty amazing!!  I shouldn’t be having breads and pastas right now and since I realized before the surgery, that I am gluten intolerant, its best I don’t have it even when I can.  Hence why I am so thrilled the spaghetti squash was so good!

Some of you rolled your eyes when I said I was gluten intolerant.  I know it seems to be throw growing rage these days and everything is running around saying they are Gluten Free now or gluten intolerant and blah blah blah.  Maybe I am not Gluten Intolerant.  I CAN tell you that whenever I ate pasta, breads, pretzels or anything with wheat, my stomach would physically expand (it was quite an anomaly for many years) and harden.  I could play bongo drums on my stomach if I wanted to!  I would also get sharp shooting pains throughout my lower abdomen, sometimes immediately after, sometimes within 10-30 minutes.  I also got extremely tired almost immediately after eating it.   I noticed that I when I switched to brown rice pasta, I no longer got those symptoms and so no, I have never been officially diagnosed as Gluten Intolerant, I am quite certain that I am.

Good news is that today at the doctors, he cleared me for any and all exercise!  I am looking forward to start working out and toning,  I heard that excess skin is often an issue because of the quickness of the weight loss so anything I can do to limit that from happening, I will do it!

Also, Doc cleared me for eating just about any foods now.  I have to eat it slowly and introduce new foods slowly as well to see how my stomach will handle it.  What I have been doing until this point is trying something new and eating it for about a day or two before I try something else out.  That seems to work because then I can pinpoint exactly what causes the burning throat or increased acid reflux (realized it with tomatoes and onion so far).

I’m not at the phase where I don’t regret the surgery.  I am glad that I did it and I am looking forward to seeing what happens in the next few weeks.  Every program in the past always left me stuck at 287 and no matter what I did, I could never break that number.  Mentally, you would think that 40 pounds is amazing in itself and yes, yes it is, but my eye is on 286 because that will be the confirmation I really need to know that this decision was the best thing for me.  Now that I will be working out and toning, I am hoping to smash through that victory and continue down the path to sexiness and longevity!

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