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4 Weeks of Bad Assery

Holy crap! It's been a crazy month so far that I didn't realize it's been a while since I last updated! Where do we start first?!

How about with the Live Weekly Podcast?!

My girl Victoria, in the U.K., and I joined forces and decided to start a podcast all about Bariatric Surgery. What started as just a casual conversation of "Yeah, that would be cool to do one day" turned into the next day of creating names, caricatures, layouts, episode topics, guests and thinking about the big picture. Within 2 weeks we were live with our first episode which was all about my journey with the sleeve.

Episode 2 was about Victoria's journey with both the sleeve and bypass a couple years later.

Episode 3 was with our husbands, Erick and Stu who were able to talk about what bariatric life is for the partners who are going through it as your caretakers and how the journey affects them as well. It was so much fun giving the guys a platform to talk about what they learned from the experience themselves!

Episode 4, Victoria and I thought it would be fun to pick a recipe and we both make it live and see how differently it comes out all while talking food and protein.

It has been so much fun to go outside our comfort zones, talk about what we learned from these experiences and hopefully help others' in their journey to live their best lives and know that they are not alone in what they are going through. It's been very rewarding and even though there are bugs to fix in the process, I am excited to see where this avenue takes us down the road!

If you are interested, you can view our shows on YouTube:

If you do, make sure to subscribe to be notified of new episodes each week!

In addition to balancing jobs, businesses, fitness and life, I thought why not add a challenge amongst it as well?!

So on February 1, I joined a group of people doing the 75 Hard Challenge.

What is it you ask? Well, let me tell ya!

* Drink a gallon of water a day (Because of my sleeve, I can't consume that much in a day, so my water goal is tweaked, but definitely not less challenging!

* Do (2) 45-minute workouts a day. Once of them HAS to be outside, rain, snow or shine!

* Read 10 pages of a Non-Fiction book. (My book Unzipped counts towards that! Shameless plug I know!)

* Follow a diet

* Take a progress picture

* No cheat meals or alcohol

I will say that this is definitely not easy. There are days where you have no energy and you are forcing yourself to push through. There are days where I am behind on my water and have to stay up a little later until I get it done. There are days where I had blisters on my ankles and didn't want to do it but we are plowing through!

Today is day 25 for me and officially marked as the 1/3 point of this journey. There are days where it seems to be going by very quickly and other days that seem like the end is so far away.

The thing I will say that is good about this challenge is that because there's so many things to do each day, there is no time for me to be lazy or slack off. It's making me more focused on time management as I navigate to find balance in everything. I don't have time to think about cheating meals or anything like that.

This challenge is definitely the epitome of mind over matter and the more days that go on, the more I am inspired to do more for myself and push myself to even more limits both internally and externally in life!

Being forced to the gym each day is making me stronger quicker and almost every machine I use now is almost twice the weight as where I was on Jan 1, which is almost unfathomable to me!

I started this journey on Feb 1 weighing exactly 200.00. First time at 200 in a VERY long time but could have been water retention from dinner the night before, but whatever!

Well this morning I was 190.6! 10 pounds lost in the first 4 weeks which is amazing and JUST enough of the boost I needed to keep pushing forward and be more excited about this journey!

The support from others around me is amazing. I am getting messages all the time from people who are inspired to do a variation of it for themselves, wanted to jump in full force and it's such an incredible feeling knowing that others' are excited to take control of their health and do something about it!

I am also being asked to be a part of more bariatric support groups as people are really resonating with my story and my overall mindset when it comes to things and frankly, well, I am just smurfin excited by all this things happening.

As far as M.O.B.A., people are starting to resonate with it as well and we are getting tagged on posts of our gear being worn by people at the gym, doing everyday things and looking badass! We have another pop up event locally next week and are excited to finally showcase the new display we have. We also have new products that were launched as well as more en route!

Is everyday sunshine and roses? Nope, not in the least bit. The last few weeks have been extremely stressful and challenging at times. On Monday night, I sat in my car for 5 hours to get home from work because of an accident en route. I was stressing more about getting my water in that day than the drive itself which showed where I was focusing my energy on. Instead of bitching about the traffic, I called some friends who took turns talking to me while I sat in traffic and I kept visualizing being home to finish my water and reading because failure was not an option that day. I even went so far as to ask the specifics if the challenge ends at midnight each day or when you go to bed because I was so mentally focused on completing this task despite this giant curveball. (Luckily, I was told it ends when you go to bed, in case you were wondering, LOL)

So there it is for now! Between the book, podcasts, support groups, M.O.B.A., the 75 Hard challenge and my regular income business, it has been a crazy ride for the last 25 days and there are NO signs of slowing down for me! To see such a difference 1/3 of the way in, I am excited to see where the next 25 days take me!

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