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4 Months seems like just yesterday!

It’s been 4 months since I had the surgery and life is good!  I still have tons of energy and I feel my body is able to be more mobile!  It was the little things that would tire me out quickly.  Tying my shoes in the morning was a chore.  Doing dishes was exhausted and I would often have to take breaks.  Forget about cooking because that was too much time on my feet moving around and leaning over so it was a lot of easy dinners or take out.  These days, I can do a load of dishes, clean the kitchen, prep dinner, make dinner, serve dinner and then do the dishes again without any pain!  It’s the little things that we often take for granted.  Sure we all want those special moments like having a guy carry you in his arms, run up stairs or hula hoop, but for me, the greatest pleasures is in being able to do the simplist tasks and to have them be simple again!

Since the surgery, I have lost 96 pounds!!!  I am 4 pounds away from my biggest milestone to date and I am confident that by next week, that goal will have been met!  I will have Before and After pics posted once I hit that goal and am looking forward to my little mini makeover to celebrate on the outside, how I have been feeling on the inside!

I took measurements again the morning of my 4 month Surgiversary.  Here are the stats !!

Total weight loss at 4 months = 89 lbs  (96 as of today)

Pant Sizes Lost = 4 (5 as of today.  I am a size 16, from a 26!!)

Total Inches lost = 55 inches.  9.75 inches lost in both chest and stomach.  10 inches lost in my hips.  4.25 inches lost in both biceps and thighs (total 17.00), 2 inches in my calves (total 4) and 1.5 inches in my ankle (total 3)

I have been noticing a little hair loss but nothing too bad as of right now.  I currently take liquid vitamins from Whole Foods called “Natural Vitality” which has biotin in it which is good.  I also take calcium at night, Fiber in the morning and always have tums on hand which is usually a daily intake at this point.  The heartburn, acid reflux and indigestion has gone down dramatically but comes and goes once in a while, usually with certain foods.

Now with the foods… I am still loving the cooking life and Erick seems to be loving the home cooked meals these days!  Pinterest is still my go to, but I have been feeling a little experimental at times and having so much fun!

photo (4)

This is one of those creative nights.  We didn’t have much in the house.  I had two chicken breasts, a bag of shrimp and a bag of rice so we decided to try our hands at homemade Fried Rice!  I added eggs, mushrooms and onions, low sodium soy sauce and some ground ginger.  It came out really good and was a good meal for a tight budget!

photo 3

This was a lot of fun!  We made Cauliflower Pizza with Ham and Pineapple and some gluten free pasta with a cauliflower alfredo sauce.  Everything was Gluten Free and a healthy alternative to some of my favorite Italian eats!

photo 1

This was another self creation as money was tight.  I had some pasta and alfredo sauce and mixed it with Sweet Italian Sausage.  This was not gluten free unfortunately, but luckily I didn’t eat enough for stomach pains or aches.  Next time I might try the cauliflower Alfredo sauce and gluten free shells and see how it comes out!

photo 2

This was my first attempt at Cauliflower Pizza during a family get together!  It was a total hit and even my little cousins loved it so now they have an alternative to pizza with the same great taste and much healthier benefits!

photo 5

This was a Sun Dried Tomato Chicken bake with sauteed Brussel Sprouts!  This came out soo good and Mom deemed it her Number 1 favorite thus far!

photo 3

I’ve never made chinese food before but tried my hand at a Pinterest recipe I found for Beef and Broccoli.  Gluten Free and low sodium.  Tasted just like it would have from a restaurant.

photo 1

This was a Pinterest Recipe for Mushroom Asiago Chicken.  I made it with Coconut Flour for the first time and Coconut oil.  This was probably one of my favorite recipes so far.  Had so much flavor and I put it on a bed of Quinoa pasta.  So delish!

photo 2

Finally, I started looking into home made infused waters which help get your water in by added good refreshing flavors.  Sometimes water can be kinda drab and needs some sprucing up.  I found some recipes on Pinterest for this and tried my hand at two of them so far!  I bought a carafe at Ralphs for like $10 to see how it would turn out.  I love them so much I might run out and get more so I can always have them in the house.  You can keep the produce in there for about 2 full days refilling it with water.  The great thing is that it helps detox you, lose weight and if nothing else, provide good tasting flavored water without added sugars or preservatives!  All around win!

photo 1