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2014 has been my greatest year for many reasons!

It’s been a little while since my last post.  With the holidays, comes great stress, hectic schedules and loving family time!

My last post, I had lost 72 pounds.  I didn’t think it was going to get much better than that, until I weighed myself on the last day of the year and I finished 2014 with an 80 pound weight loss!!  As of this week, I have officially lost 87 pounds and am now on the countdown to 100!  It’s such an amazing feeling to accomplish the one thing I’ve always wanted, but never able to do.  I have gone down from a size 26 to a size 18 and can’t wait until I fit into those size 16 jeans!    I haven’t been a size 16 since I met Erick 8 1/2 years ago!  That was the smallest size I had been since my high school days so I am excited to get there again and obliterate it!

I took before and after pics on the day that I hit 75 pounds.  I can’t believe how big of a difference there is!  I will take pics again when I hit 100 and Erick promised me a mini makeover and new outfit to celebrate!


Not only on the weight loss front, but on the schooling front, I finally finished college in December and will be graduating in May with a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities!  It took me 14 years from start to finish, but I finally finished something that I started and I am so happy to say that!  It wasn’t easy at times, but I pushed through it and that piece of paper with reiterate what hard work can do in the end!

I also decided that in 2015, I want to complete my first Mud Run in April!  I am so scared about it since I have no upper body strength at the moment, but I am excited to see what my body allows me to do in the coming months.  Yesterday, I started the “Couch to 5k” app and the first day was 5 mins of walking, followed by alternating 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking, for a total of 20 minutes, followed by a 5 min walking cooldown.  I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it and I was ready to keel over, but Erick kept pumping me up and forcing me to continue.  I have to say that I was so proud of myself for doing it despite the immediate pain I was in (just exhaustion since I have never jogged for periods of time!)  It was the first time in my life that I did not get any joint pain, back pain or feet pain.  I felt it in my hips from the jogging but I couldn’t believe the difference I felt.  This was a big deal for me since I am usually almost bed ridden the next day after trying to work out.  I know this will be a sign of even better things to come with my body!

As far as food is concerned, I was worried about the holidays and the over abundances of food that will have been presented to me.  I’m so thankful that I am only allotted a few bites here and there because I could have hurt myself.  I paced myself and ate sporadically and was able to enjoy a bite of just about everything!

Now that the holidays are over, I am enjoying my own kitchen once again.  Because money is tight, I haven’t been able to try any new Pinterest recipes yet, but I have been trusting my instincts at some new creations on my own, and so far its been really good!

photo 2

This was chicken that I marinated with Garlic Grapeseed Oil, Herbs, Salt and Pepper with a little balsamic.  I cooked the chicken and then popped it in the oven for about 20 minutes more.  I sauteed the zucchini in the skillet where the chicken was and it came out really good.

photo 3

This is a Pinterest recipe that I just did again.  It was the Cinnamon Apple Porkchops with Asparagus this time.  It’s Erick’s favorite dish so far so we had to make it again for him.

photo 4

I was craving tacos so I made ground beef with garlic and onion and put it on a bed of lettuce with some cotija cheese and salsa.  Definitely satisfied the craving without having the tortillas!

photo 1

Pork Chops again last night because well money is tight, and porkchops were on sale!  This time, we used a similar marinade as the chicken above, with garlic, onions, grapeseed oil, herbs, salt and pepper with a spash of balsamic.  Over a bed of zucchini.  It came out surprisingly good and it wasn’t heavy at all!

Now time for a couple little NSV’s!  (Non-Surgical Victories)!

* I am able to cross my legs for the first time in YEARS!  (I still have the lean a little to the side, but I will take it for now!)

* I was able to wear ugg style boots over my jeans!

* I was able to go jogging without joint pains, back pains, shin splints, blisters, or hurting feet!

* I am able to wear an XL in sweater and sweats now for the first time in I don’t remember!

* I was able to fit in the seats at Staples Center and Honda Center without getting stuck, being in pain, or having to wedge myself in!

* I was able to buy a bra and clothes in a department store for the first time in YEARS (maybe I should realize that by now, all NSV’s will have been years since doing, LOL)

I am so looking forward for 2015 being my greatest year of my life with graduation, weight loss and whatever amazing things come forward!  My arms are open wide and not getting tired!

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Until Next time…

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