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2 months Post Op and 50 POUNDS LIGHTER!!!

I can’t believe I have lost 50 pounds!!  This is almost surreal to envision.  I am so used to stalling after the first 20 pounds and never being able to lose more than that.  20 years of diets and programs, everything under the sun, to never lose more than 20 pounds at a time.  All it took was cutting out the stomach, LOL!

I feel so blessed to have been able to take control of my health and have this procedure done.  As I have said before, the beginning was rough and I questioned if I made the right decision but after 2 months, and wounds healed, I feel amazing.  Sure, I still get bummed once in a while when I am full after 2 bites, but I am okay with that, because I enjoy the hell out of those few bites and 30 minutes later, I forget about it because I am just so excited to have water again, haha.

I am not really exercising in the way that I should and I am working better to take care of that.  I am, however, in the kitchen almost every night creating something new or cooking like I never have before.  I am really enjoying the process and being in there moving around, I do get tired so I know there is some exercising going on there, LOL.

In the last week, here are some of the most recent creations.

photo (1)

Here we have bacon wrapped egg cups.  These were made in a MINI muffin pan and two was the perfect portion amount for breakfast, although I never finished them.  In these cups, I have eggs, spinach, tomato, polish sausage cut very small and a 1/4 of a bacon strip cut up.

photo (3)

Here we have Spaghetti Squash topped with Italian Sausage and Kale.  I also cut up some small mushrooms and added it to give it a little more flavor.

photo (5)

Here we have Chicken Breast with Cream of Mushroom Soup and some Mashed Potatoes.


One of my favorite displays, we have homemade Ceviche on some unsalted Saltines.

I am so in love with Pinterest right now because it’s opening my eyes to unlimited possibilities.  The hardest part of diets for people is lack of variety.  I know for me in the past, I would get bored eating the same thing all the time and it’s so easy to get tempted to try something bad or unhealthy, just because you crave those things you can’t have.  I am learning that good food doesn’t have to taste bad and there are so many substitutes that taste the same, if not better.  For example, I have never had Spaghetti Squash.  Being Italian, you can imagine the pounds of pasta I have consumed in my life.  Being Gluten Intolerant, I get bad reactions from eating pasta but I ate it anyway because I loved it so much.  With Spaghetti Squash, I am having pasta without the negative effects.  It tastes great and it takes in the flavors of what you are eating.  It’s very low in calories and provides much better health benefits than pasta.

I now get excited to cook dinner and I look forward to seeing what new recipes I can come up with in the next week!

With 50 pounds removed, I definitely feel lighter on my feet.  I am only one pound away from being at the lowest weight I have been in about 6 years.  Next week I have every intention of posting about what I annihilated that feat!

The best part is knowing that I am inspiring other people to grab control and make positive changes for themselves.  I also love helping other people who went through the surgery and help set their mind at ease with the concerns and pains they are feeling for those first few weeks.  I can tell them with confidence, that it does get better, easier and exciting!

Follow me on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter @Randomthought18.  Also follow my blog to get updates and pictures!!

Until Next Week…

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